Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wider Toilet Paper Roll

After changing the toilet paper roll I noticed something new. I've already mentioned
how the roll had gotten shorter, but I had no idea it's now wider too. I'm sure not
every toilet paper manufacturer is shortening their rolls and making them wider. The
company that is doing this should feel bad about trying to get over on the customer.
I would rather pay more for my toilet paper, than be tricked into believing that I'm
getting the same product that I've always been buying.

Below you can see how much bigger the toilet paper roll has become. In photo
1 the original sized roll can only set on top of the spice container, but in photo 2
the spice container fits easily inside of the roll. 

Wider Toilet Paper Roll Poem

After changing the toilet paper roll
I saw something new.
The roll looked a lot wider than it used to.
First it's shorter now it's wider,
I wonder what's next.
Thinking about this has me so perplexed. 
For the company that wants to trick 
someone like me...
Eventually the deception will be seen.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are You Wearing Chemicals?

Recently, while I was out with my mother and sister, we saw the bottom of a shoe-
box that had a warning. It said that the chemicals in the shoes may cause cancer,
birth defects, or reproductive harm. I researched this, and I read that the state of
California enacted California Proposition 65 in 1986, to protect their residents
from harmful chemicals. I don't live in California, but I'm glad I was able to still be
warned about the harmful chemicals. I wonder why every state doesn't enact the
same warning.

It's not only shoes that can contain chemicals that may harm your body. Products
made with vinyl or imitation leather may contain harmful chemicals too. Try to be
cautious and read the tags if you decide to purchase any of these items:

* belts
* wallets
* purses
* jewelry
* clothing

Monday, August 13, 2012

Spotted Tomato

I needed a tomato for a recipe and I found one that was red and looked perfectly
ripe. When I got home, I took the price sticker off and there it was... a rotten spot!
Someone had intentionally put the price sticker over the rotten spot. At the store,
I examined the tomato and thought I'd made a good choice. From now on, I think
I'll peek under the price sticker before I decide to buy the item.

Spotted Tomato Poem

I needed a tomato for a recipe.
I found one that looked perfectly ripe to me.
I removed the sticker...there was a spot.
Something was wrong with the produce I'd bought.
With stickers on produce you must be aware,
there just might be a spot under there.