Monday, August 10, 2015

Mattress Cover Chemicals

The warning message from the mattress cover I almost bought.

I've been buying waterproof mattress covers for at least 15 years, but until
the other day, I didn't realize I'd been buying mattress covers that contained
cancer causing chemicals.

What usually determines my choice of mattress cover is the size I need and
the price, but this time I noticed there was a huge warning on the back of
the mattress cover package I was about to choose. I felt mad when I read
the warning and I wondered... How long has this cover been causing cancer, 
birth defects, and reproductive harm? Why haven't I seen this warning be-
fore? People sleep on these things, and they cause cancer! I looked around
at other waterproof mattress covers, and the covers that contained 100 per-
cent vinyl were the covers that had a warning. The more expensive water-
proof covers had a polyurethane laminate and they did not have a warning
on them. I ended up buying one of those.

I decided to research polyurethane laminate and according to the Washing-
ton Toxics Coalition website, polyurethane laminate is a better choice than

If you're going to purchase a mattress cover, be sure to read the package
front and back, so you know if you're possibly doing harm to your body.