Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grocery List

I like having a grocery list because
it helps me stick to my budget, and
I'll  know what my meals will be
for the week. If you've never tried
to write a grocery list this is how I
write mine.

1. Figure out your budget.

2. Decide what recipes you want
    to cook for the week.

3. Write down all the ingredients
    you need to buy.

4. Write down any boxed food or
     snacks that you want to buy.

I have my list divided into two sides. I have a room temperature side and a cold side.
The fruits and vegetables are highlighted in yellow, so I remember to get them first.
Next, I get all of the room temperature items and then the cold or frozen items last. I
color-code my recipe ingredients to the recipe to make sure I don't forget any ingre-
dients. Any item that is not included in a recipe I write in pencil or black ink. Don't
forget to write a price beside each item, so you can stick to your budget.