Monday, August 15, 2022

Are You Eating Acrylamide?

If it wasn't for a coworker of mine giving me Better Made Potato
Sticks, I don't know when I would've learned about acrylamide. After 
reading the WARNING on the back of the package, I almost didn't
want to eat the potato sticks. But when I looked up acrylamide, I read
that it's in a lot of food that I eat every day. 

According to, acrylamide is a substance that forms through a 
natural chemical reaction between sugars and asparagine, an amino
acid, in plant-based foods, including potato and cereal-grain-foods. I
remember learning about the four food groups in school, but then 
schools starting teaching kids about the food pyramid. On en.wikipe-, notice how bread, cereal, rice and pasta were recommended as 
the largest food group you should consume. It's no wonder that people 
have become unhealthier. Their website also says that on June 2, 2011,
MyPlate replaced the food pyramid. Here's another page from
where you can see their Survey Data on Acrylamide in Food.