Monday, March 3, 2014

Chemicals in MP3 Player

I recently ordered an MP3 player for my son from a huge well-known retail chain.
When the delivery guy delivered it only my husband and son were home, so I didn't
get to see the MP3 player until I got home from work. After reading the directions,
I decided to look at the package that it came in. On the back of the package on a
small sticker were these words: Warning! This product may contain chemicals
known to the state of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other repro-
ductive harm. I was shocked and mad when I read this message because my hus-
band didn't read the message before he opened it. Plus, I wasn't warned on the
website about the possible dangers of this product, and I bought this for my son. I 
wouldn't let him play with something that could possibly cause him cancer!

It is a shame that some retailers sell products knowing that the products they sell 
could possibly hurt or kill their loyal customers. My husband returned the MP3
player for me, because I refused to let my son play with it. If you order something
be sure you read the package carefully, otherwise you may be harming your body
or your child's body.