Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Use Shampoo for Hand Soap

Sometimes I use shampoo for hand soap. There are pros and cons to using
shampoo for hand soap.

         A 16 oz. bottle of an inexpensive shampoo can sometimes cost less than
         an 8 oz. container of hand soap.
         Shampoo comes in more colors than hand soap, so you can match any

          Shampoo is really drying to your hands, because it's not formulated for

          Very few inexpensive shampoos come with pumps.

Shampoo for Hand Soap Poem

If you decide to use shampoo for hand soap
I hope that you understand
If you use the shampoo for too long
It will really dry out your hands.
Although you will save some money
Just know that you will pay a price.
If you use the shampoo for too long,
your hands will not feel very nice.

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