Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Fake 'Sell By' Date

The day I opened my package of chicken I didn't think much about it, but
then I saw part of the sell by sticker get stuck to the bag it was in.

The sell by sticker that I saw when I purchased it was for April 19th, but
the sticker underneath had the date April 15th! I examined the package,
and on the side was a date printed in ink for April 15th. I was shocked
that someone from the meat department had the nerve to put a fake sell
by date on my chicken. Oh...this was so wrong.

The next time you buy any kind of raw meat or poultry look at the package
carefully to see if the sell by date is the real date, or one that has been made
up by someone from the meat department.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Subpar Paper Towels

I've been buying the same brand of paper towels for at least five years, and
the company decided to lower the quality of its product. The paper towel on
the left is what it used to be like: thick and absorbent. The paper towel on 
the right is how the product is now: thin and cheaply made.

I want to let all the companies out there know that consumers do not appre-
cate it when a product is changed to a cheaper quality, and we are led to be-
lieve it's the same item but it isn't. I understand if companies want to charge
more for their original products, but don't charge people the same price or 
more for subpar products.