Friday, November 23, 2012

Disrespectful Shoppers

Imagine people yelling, cussing, and hitting retail store windows in anger.
What could make people act this way?...BLACK FRIDAY of course.
Why do some people wait outside for a store to open and treat the
employees and other people in line with such disrespect?

Also, you wouldn't believe the way that some people shop retail stores.
They put merchandise in the wrong spot by throwing it on the floor, or
flinging the items over racks that it shouldn't even be on.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Retail Stores Are Lying to You

Is buying a pair of jeans easy, or is it a daunting task? The retail stores have
decided that you should believe that you're smaller than you really are. On
top of that, it takes longer to find a pair of jeans because you go in thinking
you're one size, but then you end up "magically smaller" when you go into the
fitting room.

If you're a size 10, you should be a size 10 no matter where you buy your jeans.
You shouldn't be a size 6 in one store and a size 10 in another store. I hear ladies
all the time talking about how they 'can't believe' they're in a size smaller than they
thought they'd wear. I just want to yell... "The retail stores are lying to you!", but
I say nothing. I keep my thoughts to myself. I need to tell you though, the retail
stores are lying to you.

The next time you need to try on some jeans...
*Take at least two different sizes in the fitting room with you .
*Take at least six pairs of jeans with you too.