Friday, August 26, 2016

Misleading Packaging

As I walked down the grocery aisle I wasn't looking for pudding, but the
package caught my eye. The clean look of the white packaging and the
flavor...CARAMEL LATTE. I'm gonna have to try this, I thought. But...
being the nerd that I am, I started reading the back of the package.

If this pudding isn't for children, why is it sitting right beside pudding
that is okay for children? Shouldn't the sentence about the children
and the caffeine be on the front of the package instead of the back?
The front of the package has the perfect wording. It brags about the
pudding having milk as the #1 INGREDIENT and how it has NO
PRESERVATIVES. Funny, there's no mention on the front about the
fact that children aren't supposed to eat it.

No matter how good a product looks or sounds, be sure you read the
back of the package as well as the front.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Is This Really the Sale Price?

When something is on sale you expect a significant amount to be taken off
of the item. When you see $1 off of $5 that's good, but $2.50 off of $5 is
even better. Have you ever seen an item that was one-cent off? I have, and
I thought to myself...Why did they even bother? It wasn't even worth it to
print the signs. What's the point of one-cent off?

Is This Really the Sale Price?

Is this really the sale price?
It's marked down one-cent.
How much were the signs that you had to print?

If I save one-cent what's that gonna do?
You've got to be kidding.
Is this really true?

When I saw the signs I just had to grin.
You should be ashamed...
one-cent is a sin.

Regardless of What Some Say, You Should Floss Anyway

I'm sure you heard about the study that was done on dental floss and how it
isn't necessary. I don't care what the study says, because I know that flossing
is an important part of oral health.

I admit it, I didn't begin flossing until I was about 20. It seemed pointless,
annoying, and it hurt to floss. But this is what changed me... I read an article
where a dentist said, "Only floss between the teeth you want to keep." That
was all it took. I've been flossing ever since.

Now, for all the people that still don't believe in floss, or you think it hurts,
try this: Buy one of the floss brands that I use. Both of them are comfortable
to floss with, and you won't believe how much food you'll get out of your
teeth. Kroger makes a good floss called Extra Comfort Floss, and Oral-B
Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Floss is another one you could try. Happy