Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Produced with Genetic Engineering

Although genetic engineering has been around for quite awhile, it was kind
of strange reading a message about it on a package of cookies I had bought.
I'm a certified nerd, so I've been reading entire packages for a long time. I
find packaging a bit fascinating, especially the back of a package. The back
is where most of the secrets are: the fine print...the ingredients...the country
a product was made in. Now I get to read whether the item I purchased was
produced with genetic engineering.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mold Inside of My Onion

I've been chopping onions for years, but I'd never seen this. There were
small, almost unnoticeable specks of mold, weaved within the layers of
my onion. Since mold can make people sick, I threw my moldy perfectly
cut onion away.

Part of me felt like I had wasted my time cutting that nasty onion, but I'm
happy that I hadn't consumed it. Although a little mold on the outer layers
of an onion is normal, mold within the layers of an onion is not normal.
You should never eat an onion that is molded inside.

Mold Inside of My Onion 

I saw little specks of black
In my onion that was white.

It didn't take me long
To realize something wasn't right.

Nasty mold was in my onion
And I didn't have a doubt.

There's no way that I could eat it,
So I had to toss it out.