Friday, June 8, 2018

Carrageenan: Stay Away From This Ingredient

Lately I've been reading a lot about nutrition, and I recently learned about
the ingredient carrageenan. According to the articles The Carrageenan 
Controversy and Label Decoder: Carrageenan, carrageenan comes from a
seaweed. It's been used in food for hundreds of years, and even though it's
natural it has been suspected of causing intestinal inflammation and even

Just think, all these years we've been told too much meat is the enemy
when it comes to our health, but what about carrageenan? I don't hear
anyone on the news telling us to stay away from this, and it angers me.
Since I've found out about this health rotting additive I've noticed it in
multiple products. I'm not going to name any brands because maybe
they will take this crap out of their products by the time I've gotten
this blog post online. Here's the products I've seen with carrageenan
in them so far...some but not all: protein shakes, cookies, premixed
tuna salad, ice cream, and frozen meals.

The other day I bought some ice cream that I'd been buying for a few
months. The front of the carton was bragging about how the cow's milk
they used didn't contain any artificial hormones. But guess what it con-
tains now?... carrageenan. I don't know how much carrageenan is too
much, so I going to try to stay away from it completely.

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