Thursday, July 11, 2024

Jif To Go Has Shrunk!

A couple weeks ago, Jif To Go Natural was on clearance and I knew it
meant one of two things. It would be discontinued, or they were gonna
change it. They changed it.

Now the box is smaller, and you get less peanut butter. The original
product had 12.oz. The new Jif has 8.8 oz. It's like you're missing two
full containers of peanut butter!

Loyal customers know when a product has been messed with. I
don't understand why companies think shrinking stuff is OK. I'd
rather pay more than get less.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Ice Cream Isn't Real Anymore Poem


Ice Cream Isn't Real Anymore

Ice cream isn't real anymore
More fake stuff in it than ever before
What happened to real ingredients like milk, sugar, and cream?
So many food fillers I just wanna scream!
I don't mind caramel, chocolate, and cherries
I even like butterscotch, peppermint, and strawberries
But leave out the carrageenan and cellulose gum
The carob bean and guar gum...
If you eat ice cream 
And you don't like how you feel
Just remember that ice cream 
is no longer real.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Do You Eat Medium Chain Triglycerides?


When I read medium chain triglycerides on this ingredient list, I had no
idea what they were. I had the feeling I shouldn't be buying this popcorn,
but I bought it anyway.

Before I ate the popcorn, I looked up what medium chain triglycerides
were, and I immediately knew I wasn't gonna eat much of it at one time.
According to, MCTs can cause stomach upset. I had cramps
every morning for the two days I had eaten the popcorn. I won't be buying
anything with MCTs in it again.

On, it says medium chain triglycerides are a medical food. I
didn't buy popcorn for medical reasons...I just wanted a snack!

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Research Expired COVID Tests Before You Toss Them


I ordered every free COVID test I could when the government was
offering them. I used a few tests, but I have a lot left. The FDA has
extended some of the expiration dates, so don't get rid of your ex-
pired tests until you look at the FDA's website to see if your tests 
are still good.

I have a box that says the test expired in 2022, but on the inside the
test liquid says it expires in 2024! So, open up the box and read the
actual product to see if it's still usable.

If you're sick, even if it feels like a cold, go ahead and test yourself.
You need to know if it's COVID in case you begin to feel worse, and
you need to stay away from others, so you won't make them ill too.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Tag and Box Obsession Poem


Tag and Box Obsession Poem

I can't help it...I have an obsession with tags
I also keep boxes and fabric bags
Plastic containers and bubble wrap
And the thing shower curtains come in with the plastic snap
And every ribbon wrapped around anything
I could use this again...I could make a sling!
I read every box, and even the fine print
Did you know they put chemicals in this mint?
This clear zip-up pouch is really neat
I can use it will be a treat
Deodorant containers are interesting to read
And food labels tell you how many they'll feed
You probably think my fascination is strange
But it's something I don't expect I'll ever change.