Friday, July 25, 2014

My Deodorant is Gone Poem

My deodorant is gone...Oh this isn't fair.
What will I do now with my underarms bare?
I know what to do! I won't lift up my arms,
even though I'll be stinkin' I'll distract with my charm.
And when someone wants an innocent hug,
I will just lie and say that "I have a bug."
Who wants to hug someone that could make you sick?
I'm keeping that person from smelling my ick.
But I've learned my lesson I need to prepare.
When it comes to deodorant always have a spare.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Underwear Vanity Sizing

My son had outgrown his boy's XL underwear, so I figured he'd be going up to a
XXL in boy's or a small in men's. As I read through packages of boy's underwear
I didn't see XXL, so I went to look at the men's underwear. I was very surprised
to see that the weight and waist size for men's small underwear was the same as
boy's XL. That means if a man wears a small in men's underwear he also wears an
XL in boy's. This has to be underwear vanity sizing. I guess to soothe the ego of 
a small man retailers created small men's underwear to be the same size as boys XL,
that way a man wouldn't feel uncomfortable while buying boys underwear for himself.