Saturday, April 13, 2019

Computer Virus in My Yahoo Account

The last time I went to my Yahoo email account my virus protection
saved me from a Trojan Virus. The emails were from people I knew,
and I did not click on any links. All I did was open each email. My
account is supposed to be secure, but obviously it isn't. I'm telling you
this, so if you have a Yahoo account you can get rid of it, or if you love
it that much you can get yourself some virus protection if you don't
already have it.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Bologna on the Sugar

Bologna on the Sugar

I see bologna on the sugar
and it's really kinda strange

Whoever planned this crazy set up
must be stupid and deranged

I see bologna on the sugar
and you know it should be cold

It's setting out
in the open
getting warm
and turning old

I see bologna on the sugar,
but I have to move along...

When someone
does this sort of thing
they're disrespectful
and they're wrong.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Imitation Toys "R" Us Display at Kroger

When I saw the imitation Toys "R" Us display at Kroger I thought it was
a bit odd. It was as if Kroger was trying to promote a defunct business.

After Toys "R" Us closed down I wasn't surprised, because the store had
lost its flavor. During the last years that Toys "R" Us was open I saw more
open space and non-toys than toys, and many of the products they had
were overpriced, or low-quality toys that didn't hold up well.

When I was a child, Toys "R" Us was the place to be. They had everything:
Beautiful Barbies, cake and fudge mix refills for my Easy-Bake Oven, and
a lot of toys. Toys were everywhere and every aisle was exciting.

If Toys "R" Us had focused on quality products and toys for children I bet
the store would still be thriving, because kids didn't change Toys "R" Us