Thursday, July 12, 2012

Products Shrunk

Lately I've noticed several products I've been buying for awhile have shrunk. I
don't know why some companies have become so greedy that they want to give
customers less of their a product.

This toilet paper roll has gotten smaller. It's missing about 1/2 an inch. Yes...I
noticed 1/2 an inch.

My smoked cashews were 9.25 oz., now they're 8 oz. Not only did the can get
smaller, but the lid is a different color. I guess the lid color change was supposed
to throw my eyes off the size.

For me, what gave this sausage away was its length. I was cutting it into four even
pieces for a recipe, when I noticed that about 1/2 an inch was missing per piece.
This smoked sausage was 16 oz., and now it's down to only 14 oz.

Products Shrunk Poem

Some products I've been buying have shrunk.
In fact, it stinks just like a skunk. 
My toilet paper roll was tall,
but now the roll is kinda small.
The smoked cashews I buy every week,
they're missing 1.25 that stinks.
When I cut sausage the other day
some length was missing to my dismay.
I smelled something oh how it stunk;
It's just my products, my how they've shrunk.

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