Monday, July 2, 2012

Empty Margarine Container

My husband left a 99% empty margarine container in the refrigerator, and when
I asked him why he said, "I left it for you."
I came from a family that when we used something like toothpaste or ketchup for
example, we always tried to use every single drop. This time my husband took it
too far, because what he left me wasn't enough to butter 1/4 slice of bread. Plus,
he opened a brand new container of margarine for himself, because he knew what
he left me wasn't worth saving. Well...I could've buttered about five kernels of corn.

Empty Margarine Container Poem

My husband left an empty margarine container.
He thought I'd be using it later.
I came from a family where we used every drop.
But there comes a point when you really should stop.
The margarine he left couldn't butter my bread.
He should have just thrown it away instead.

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