Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toilet Paper Changed...Again

This morning, I was putting up some toilet paper and I realized that it felt
unusually soft and spongy. I've been buying this brand of toilet paper for
years, so I knew something was different. I compared one of my new rolls
to a roll from the previous package I had purchased, and I was
favorite toilet paper had changed again.

Toilet paper #1 is the new version. Check out the smaller cardboard tube
and the loose weave of the toilet paper. Toilet paper #2 is from the previous
package. Remember, this is the same brand. Anyway, the cardboard tube is
bigger on the old version and the weave of the toilet paper is tighter, so more
toilet paper fits on the tube.

Consumers aren't stupid, and companies that produce products that have
loyal customers shouldn't treat them as such. I would rather companies keep
their products the same and charge me more, than to change the products by
giving me less and charging me the same price.