Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Difference Between Glad Press'n Seal and Glad ClingWrap

I've been using Glad Press'n Seal for years, but when I couldn't find
it, I bought Glad Clingwrap out of desperation. If I could grade both 
products I'd give the ClingWrap a C- and the Press'n Seal an A+. 
Both of them can be used for hot or cold foods, and they are micro-
wave-safe and BPA-free, but that's where the similarities end.

The ClingWrap doesn't do much clinging when wrapping food unless
you use a lot of it. And when microwaving food the directions say to
allow at least one inch of space between ClingWrap and food. 

The Press'n Seal does what the name says. You can press and seal 
whatever you want with ease. And you only need just enough product
to slightly expand over the edges of your container, so you'll use less.
Press'n Seal won't seal on a cold container, and it's more expensive 
than ClingWrap, but it's worth the price.


  1. Thank you.... You answered my question completely and with a full to the point explanation....

  2. Thanks! Just what I wanted to know

  3. This stuff is horrible! It may do a great job of climging but getting it started required ruining almost 2 ft of the product. It seemed easy enough once I found the edge but after that I couldn’t get it started in either direction. So deferred to my better half for some help, she had same issues and after getting the unroll started about 2/3 of the way it was as if one part had been rolled in the opposite direction. What a nightmare. No thanks, I will stick with other brands not as exasperating to use!

    1. Storing it in the freezer should eliminate that problem.

  4. I have been using Press and Seal for years would never settle for anything else

  5. Cling wrap is the worst product ever. Press n Seal is awesome.

  6. Thank you. Info is exactly what I needed.

  7. What I wanted to know. I'll but the Press and Seal. Thanks! FL Gal

  8. Thank you for this review. It is a gamechanger for me.


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