Sunday, November 11, 2012

Retail Stores Are Lying to You

Is buying a pair of jeans easy, or is it a daunting task? The retail stores have
decided that you should believe that you're smaller than you really are. On
top of that, it takes longer to find a pair of jeans because you go in thinking
you're one size, but then you end up "magically smaller" when you go into the
fitting room.

If you're a size 10, you should be a size 10 no matter where you buy your jeans.
You shouldn't be a size 6 in one store and a size 10 in another store. I hear ladies
all the time talking about how they 'can't believe' they're in a size smaller than they
thought they'd wear. I just want to yell... "The retail stores are lying to you!", but
I say nothing. I keep my thoughts to myself. I need to tell you though, the retail
stores are lying to you.

The next time you need to try on some jeans...
*Take at least two different sizes in the fitting room with you .
*Take at least six pairs of jeans with you too.

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