Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unusual Uses For Common Items

10 Unusual Uses For Common Items

1.   Lip Balm- good for dry heals and toes.
2.   Hand Sanitizer- put on a cut when you're not near any soap and water.
3.   Hand wipe- kill a bug and clean up at the same time!
4.   Sandwich bags- in desperation I've used as gloves.
5.   Postage paid envelopes- they come in my junk mail and make good pieces
      of scrap paper. 
6.   Stamp sticker- left over sticker after using all of the stamps... use as tape.
7.   Rubbing alcohol- cleans mirrors really well.
8.   Fingernail polish- paint a backpack, purse, book, shoes, etc.
9.   Old toothbrush- cleaning brush for nails, dishes, or cracks in your floor.
10. Permanent marker- have a few gray hairs, color with the marker.

unusual uses for common items

Unusual Uses Poem

Lip balm for my toes
Hand sanitizer on my cut
Hand wipe to kill a bug and clean up all the guts
Sandwich bags for gloves
Postage paid envelopes as paper
Left over stamp sticker to use as tape
Rubbing alcohol cleans mirrors really great
Old toothbrush for the floor
I used permanent marker in my hair,
so I'm gray no more.

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