Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Central Air

When my central air quit about three weeks ago, I decided I'd try to go the rest
of the summer without it. At first it was OK. The nights dipped into the 50s, and
it didn't get up to 90 degrees in the house until about 5:00 pm. I thought, "Hey...I
can handle this." By the next week it wasn't so easy anymore. The open windows
and ceiling fans weren't doing the job. The nightly temperatures were in the 70s
and the daytime temperatures were near 85 degrees. I was feeling next to no
relief when it came to cooling down.

My father gave me a fan, and I borrowed three more fans from two of my co-
workers. I had open windows, ceiling fans, oscillating fans, and box fans, but
it still wasn't enough. I finally decided I'd have to give in. I had to get my central
air back. I was very uncomfortable and I was also worried about the heat ruining
my medications and food. Plus it was so hot I could hardly sleep. Now that I
have my central air back I feel like a normal person.

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