Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fake Pockets

This isn't the first time I bought jeans with fake pockets, but it's never on purpose.
When I go shopping for jeans whether my pockets are real or not just isn't on my
mind. I'm more worried about if the jeans are going to be too tight, or are they go-
ing to slowly slip down on me as the day goes on. But once again, I got tricked by
the cute, perfect and very fake pockets.

Fake Pockets Poem

Jeans you seemed to fit just right.
You weren't to loose.
You weren't too tight.
When I wore you I realized...
What looked like pockets were just a lie.
I buy my jeans by look and feel.
The jean pockets seemed so real.
I'll know next time I go and shop,
I won't forget to look and stop
Are my pockets real or fake?
Clothes manufacturer you are are snake.

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