Thursday, May 21, 2015

Computer Protection Plan Poem

Computer Protection Plan Poem  

This plan covers parts and labor costs to repair,
but it does not cover damage from animal hair.

We will repair or replace the product with a new
or remanufactured product of like kind.
We hope that's OK. We know you won't mind.

Repair or replacement will be at our discretion.
We hope we're not giving the wrong impression.

Damage due to acts of God, fading, or abuse...
That will be your fault. It's called misuse.

If there's damage due to insects, bleach, or sunlight
this plan won't help you. Is that all right?

Damage from ink, nail polish, or chipping
will have you upset and totally tripping.

This plan is supposed to make you feel better,
but maybe you should skip the plan altogether.

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