Friday, May 6, 2016

Is Your Price Tag Sticking Out?

Over the past week, I've told two women that their price tags were sticking
out. The first lady was nicely dressed, scarf and everything, but one item
wasn't working...the price tag that was hanging freely off the collar of her
shirt. The second woman had on a long cute lacy coverup and there it was,
her price tag showing through all that lace. It felt strange telling complete
strangers about their tags, but they both thanked me for telling them.

A similar thing happened to me too, but the difference is nobody said a
word. I wore a brand new shirt to work and no one told me that I had the
size sticker still stuck to the front of my shirt.

The next time you wear something new, make sure you've removed the
price tag. And if you see someone with their price tag showing, be nice
and let them know.

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