Friday, October 22, 2021

Is Sodium Hydroxide In Your Body Care Products?


Label from toothpaste box

I used to get relaxers, so I could make my hair straight. The active
ingredient in hair relaxer is sodium hydroxide, and it's so strong it
can make hair as kinky as a Brillo Pad bone straight. I stopped 
relaxing my hair, because I would get scabs on my scalp from the
burns I'd get from the relaxer. Sodium hydroxide is also one of the
main ingredients in drain cleaner. Crazy isn't it?

This is why I find it extremely disturbing that companies are putting
sodium hydroxide in products that don't need it. Over the past year, 
I've seen sodium hydroxide in hand soap, facewash, toothpaste, and 
even lotion!

On, they describe sodium hydroxide as a very 
strong chemical. They also characterize it as a poisonous ingredient.
I think companies should warn you when a product you're applying
to your body contains sodium hydroxide, but until this happens, 
you're going to have to read the ingredient list if you want to stay
away from it.

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