Thursday, October 20, 2022

Human Food and Dog Food Together in the Freezer

On a recent visit to the grocery store, I was confused and surprised to 
see Michelina's TACO BITES beside Bil-Jac FROZEN DOG FOOD. 
This world keeps on getting stranger and stranger... 

If I had a dog, I wouldn't want my dog's food taking up my valuable 
freezer space. Do pet parents who buy frozen dog food have a separate
freezer for their precious dog? I went to Bil-Jac's website to find out
more about this dog food. The descriptions are kind of amusing: They
say it's "gently cooked", "delicious", and "easy to chew soft bites".

Maybe the Michelina's TACO BITES are beside the dog food, because
they're also gently cooked, delicious, and easy to chew soft bites.

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