Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cigarettes and Your Pet

Today I saw a lady driving her van and smoking a cigarette and she wasn't alone.
Her dog was in the passenger seat no doubt "enjoying" her cigarette too. I know
it was her van and her dog, but I wondered how many pets become ill due to
secondhand smoke from their loving owners.

According to, secondhand smoke is dangerous to pets. Breathing
problems, lung cancer, and nasal cancer are just a few of the health effects that a
pet may have to deal with. You also need to know that if your pet ingests a ciga-
rette or cigar it could die.

If you really love your pet think about the health effects the next time you light up.
Imagine how you'd feel if you knew you contributed to your pet's death.

Cigarettes and Your Pet Poem

Cigarettes and your pet,
have they already met?
When you smoke your pet smokes too,
his life depends on you.
Even if the window's cracked
his lungs will still be hacked.
Cutting years from your pet's life
don't tell me that sounds right.

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